I am deeply impressed by this holistic treatise. His conclusions are encouraging, to see mother earth and ourselves with the healing hands of a Bodhisattva. A Lotus to him a Buddha to be! 
Axel Traexler, Global Marshall Plan, Austria 

This exceptional story plainly tells us of the links between our habits, the global system that feeds them and the un-balance we are all causing. The book's hopeful irony is that we are also the key to the solution - if we can wake up.
Bob Allen, Founder and CEO, i.d.e.a.s. & Co-Executive Producer of the award winning documentary "Mad Cowboy.”

Ian Prattis’s Failsafe issues an insightful and energetic challenge to us all and outlines a clear path to reach a new level of collective human consciousness.  Read this book now as your first action in becoming part of the 2% solution-- the clock is ticking for Mother Earth! 
Trish Johnson, Senior Environmental Consultant & Associate, R.V. Anderson Associates Limited, Toronto & Ottawa

In Failsafe, Ian Prattis once again clearly, passionately and sagely lays out the environmental crisis coursing through the earth, how it is directly linked to actions and inactions of humans, and more importantly, what we can do to set about changing course.  Drawing from an immense range of knowledge, concepts, and experiences, he gives us a route for dramatic and far-reaching change. 
Professor Blair Rutherford, author of Working on the Margins: Black Workers, White Farmers in Postcolonial Zimbabwe (2001, Zed Books).

We have created a terrible mess because we have been living in disharmony with planet earth and have assaulted it on every level.  In Failsafe, Dr. Prattis provides a comprehensive and practical action plan for healing our planet by focusing on becoming mindful of our actions and of our interconnectedness with nature.
 Joe Kennedy, environmental engineer and founding CEO of WCI Environmental Solutions Inc.