Articles and extracts from Failsafe have appeared in Resurgence, The Trumpeter, Tone Magazine, The Mindful Word, Pine Gate, Shambhala Sun and The Mindfulness Bell

Issue No 236 May/June 2006: Ambassadors of Peace

The Trumpeter 
Vol. 23,1 2007: Failsafe in Consciousness

Tone Magazine: 
April 2007: Flush The Internal Toilet of Your Mind
January 2008: A Failed Genetic Experiment
April 2008: Wisdom of the Elders
June 2008: Separation
July/August 2008: The Two Per Cent Option

Mindful Word: 
Issue 2, Spring 2008: Car-less in Ottawa

Pine Gate:
Vol 6 Issue 2: Spring 2007: Joseph Campbell and Failsafe 
Vol 6 Issue 3: Fall 2007: Deep Listening River Freeze
Vol 6 Issue 3: Fall 2007: Global Warming, Nuclear Option     

Shambhala Sun 
September 2005: Showdown at Punk Palace.

Mindfulness Bell
Issue 33: Healing The Inner Child